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St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

High expectations, by all, for all, reflecting the example of Jesus

What our Parents Say

'We are pleased with the incredible commitment all the staff at St Luke’s show to making sure the kids are bringing their best selves to school. I’m so impressed with their dedication, with the great communication and support offered and how all the staff know what’s going on with the kids - meaning we get a real sense of a holistic, whole school approach to solving problems when they’ve arisen, and really supporting the kids. You are all amazing - thank you for all the huge hard work and effort you put in.'

'The school has been fantastic supporting our son, who is on the autistic spectrum.'

'The teachers are absolutely great in recognising children's needs and providing them with support in bolstering children's confidence so they feel more able to engage in the class.'

'My child has been enjoying her time at St Luke’s and she has made excellent progress in all aspects. We are sure she will enjoy the new school year at st Luke’s.'

'The nursery staff have always given me essential feedback on where my child needs support. We have really appreciated how the staff support nursery aged children and my daughter had made a lot of progress in following their behaviour guidelines and boundaries. My child is able to follow their instructions and she has thrived in this environment. We are grateful for everything and feel our girl is ready to handle reception!'

I feel that my child has been really well prepared for secondary school this year. He’s been academically stretched, encouraged to become more independent and given responsibility. He has enjoyed all aspects of life in Year 6. The year hasn’t been without its challenges, but any concerns that I have had have been dealt with brilliantly and I am so grateful to all of the staff that have been involved in helping to boost his confidence in recent weeks. I am very sad that he is leaving St Luke’s. If I think back to the funny little boy who started here back in reception, I can safely say that you have done an amazing job! Thank you so much.'

'The nursery experience has been exceptional. Our son has made good friends, enjoyed a stimulating range of activities and matured emotionally, socially and cognitively. The staff are all very kind and highly motivated and it has been a pleasure to see him so happy.'

We are pleased with the quality of teaching, range of activities, child led play that still allows them to learn, amount of outdoor activity and interaction with nature, how well nursery has prepared them for reception. Also impressed by how well the teachers kept track of our belongings!'

'The school has a great community feeling and everyone seems well supported.'

'The teachers are wonderful and really supported my child and helped her to be ready. Both my children’s reports were beautiful.'

'St Luke's has encouraged my children to settle in a new environment, really pleased and proud to study at St. Luke Primary school.'

'My child has had a great year, the teaching has been excellent and she has always enjoyed being in school. The range of activities and experiences are great.'

'Our daughter has had an excellent year, thoroughly enjoying the varied topics on the curriculum, the wonderful adventure at Hindleap Warren and the strong rapport between the class and its popular teacher. She has appreciated the increased sporting opportunities as well as her participation in the school choir and its public performances. She has also appreciated the remedial help she has received with her spelling and phonics.'

'I am particularly impressed with the way in which St Luke's has helped my son to take responsibility for his own academic achievement. I also marvel at the way in which they enable even the most reluctant to get excited about the production and their role in it.'