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St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

High expectations, by all, for all, reflecting the example of Jesus

Collective Worship

“Love one another as I have loved you.” John 13:34

The daily act of Collective Worship is a legal requirement in all schools. In church schools this is Christian worship and reflects the traditions of the Church of England. Our shared Christian faith is an important part of school life. We enjoy a daily act of collective worship together and have a large team of people who support our spiritual life in school.

Children and staff at St Luke's value the special dimension that worship brings to church school life.  It is an opportunity for the whole school to come together and reflect, express praise, share Christian values, celebrate special times throughout the year and foster respect and unity through spiritual awareness.

Collective Worship Weekly Structure

Monday (10:15) Worship & SuperStar assembly
Tuesday (09:00) Singing worship
Wednesday (10:30) Worship or Guest
Thursday (10:30) St Luke's Clergy worship
Friday (10:30) Open the Book worship

Fr Martin, our vicar, takes worship each Thursday and helps us to explore some of the themes that we are learning about during this time. Fr Martin also leads special services at the church. The children love seeing Fr Martin each week and he very often visits us for other special events too. 

Open the Book are a team of volunteers from local churches and beyond who come in to share stories from the Bible on Fridays. Groups of children help to tell the story with the support of the volunteers, often getting dressed up and playing a key part in retelling the story. A great deal of time and preparation go into these visits on the part of the volunteers and they are very much appreciated by the children! Our children look forward to their Open the Book worships and there is a great sense of excitement as they enter the hall to hear another story from the bible.

Other Contributors to Collective Worship

We have regular Collective Worships led by INSIGHT who also support with our delivery of RE throughout the year.

We also welcome other visitors, such as Leslie Charlton, who is a Minister from the United Reformed Church, and staff from the local Cornerstone Church to lead Collective Worship during the year too. Pupils are also given the opportunity to be involved in planning and delivering collective worship for their peers.

Our visitors help us to explore and unpick some of the themes we have been learning about during our collective worship time. The children always look forward to their visits and especially enjoy the fun that they bring to our times of collective worship. We are really grateful for all our visitors contribute to our learning community.

Weekly Worship Round-Up

Please see our 'Weekly Worship Round Up'. This has been created to give an overview of the themes that we are exploring in worship each week and to share some of the resources that we have been using with the children too. It will be circulated on Fridays, and uploaded to the website, so that parents can use this to support conversations at home. 

Summer Term:

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Autumn Term:

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