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St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

High expectations, by all, for all, reflecting the example of Jesus

HT Awards

Well done to our Headteacher Award winners for the Autumn Term!

Headteacher’s Award



During his first term in Reception, Ethan has consistently shown a range of positive character virtues. Ethan is a kind and diligent member of the class who consistently shows respect and compassion towards his peers. Ethan confidently shares his views during whole class discussions but also listens attentively as his peers talk and asks appropriate questions to find out more about their opinions or experiences. Ethan shows the characteristics of being a 'good neighbour' as he understands the needs of others and always forgives others. Ethan has made so much progress this term and that is mainly due to his high levels of motivation and his drive to master new skills even when things may be a little bit tough. Ethan not only rises to the challenges set within the classroom environment but also continuously sets himself challenges and never settles for just good enough. Ethan has made all of the Reception staff extremely proud.​

Year 1


Mason has made a huge leap this term in Year 1. His drive and persistence particularly in his phonic and maths learning, is encouraging to all. Mason comes to the classroom ready to learn, sitting well on the carpet from the beginning of the day, where he regularly contributes in discussions with his ideas and thoughts. He remains focused on a task, through his hard work he can see the results and his confidence has therefore grown. Mason has worked hard on being a kind friend at school and is respectful to others. Recently he has enjoyed the task of tidying up the reading area which he loves and takes on other roles of responsibility, offering help to his peers and teachers. Mason has started to truly demonstrate a love of learning, through his approach and in the work he is producing. Keep up the great work, we are proud of you!

Year 2



We are so pleased to see Hattie’s growing confidence this term.  She demonstrates drive and determination by persevering at activities even if she finds them challenging. Hattie is polite and respectful towards other children and she uses her initiative to suggest ideas and help around the classroom. As a member of the class, Hattie is a true role model as she always shows genuine kindness and neighbourliness. She notices when others need support or a friend to chat to. She is a real delight to have in Willow class.  We have no doubt she will continue to shine in Year 2. Well done Hattie.

Year 2



Ben has made a brilliant impression during his first term in year 2. He continuously demonstrates confidence, drive, respect and neighbourliness throughout the school day in both his academic work and to all those around him. Ben’s confidence is evident during every lesson, as he is always willing to put up his hand and share ideas or answers with the rest of the class. The effort Ben puts into his learning each lesson shows his drive to work hard and succeed in every task he is faced with. Respect is where Ben goes above and beyond as he shines through daily, always listening to others and never failing to use his good manners. Ben is a pleasure to have in class and is an excellent example to others. Well done Ben, keep up the hard work!​​

Year 3


With such a wonderful attitude towards learning and support for her peers, Eva exemplifies neighbourliness, respect, drive and growing confidence. Eva listens attentively to others’ thoughts and ideas and always takes these into account. She is kind, thoughtful and respectful in her interactions with others. She approaches new learning in a calm and collected manner with increasing belief in her own strengths. Eva is always happy to ask for guidance and support if she’s unsure of something showing her determination to succeed and achieve. She has also shown her confidence in her efforts to work through things herself and offer her help to others. She continues to show confidence in approaching new challenges and always tries her best in everything that she does.  Well done Eva for an excellent term!​

Year 4FW


Since the start of the academic year this child has been a pleasure to teach, her kind attitude and positive nature will allow her to continuously succeed through life. Fatima is naturally confident and always offers well thought and composed ideas and opinions to classroom discussions. In a short space of time she has established herself as mature member of the class who is well thought of. She has a natural affinity with English and frequently displays drive when writing in any genre or style. Her use of adjectives, connectives, adverbs and fronted adverbials creates a fantastic fluidity in her writing, it has been a great pleasure to read her work. Fatima’s calm and empathetic nature ensures that she is always neighbourly​ in the classroom and she has a wide circle of friends. She is always respectful to her peers and the adults of St Luke’s. Fatima is a brilliant addition to this school. I hope she continues on this brilliant path and wish her continued success for the future.

Year 4D


Jiawei has consistently demonstrated a range of positive character virtues. Over the duration of this term, his confidence has flourished. This increased confidence shines through in his insightful and enthusiastic contributions to class discussions. He has also demonstrated a positive and diligent attitude to learning through his growth mind-set which he applies across all subjects in the curriculum. It has been wonderful to see his determination to progress, especially in English. When stuck, Jiawei shows initiative by using the resources around the classroom to support his learning and asking for help. This is an extremely important skill to have as it shows his drive to ensure that each task is completed to the best of his ability. Jiawei displays great neighbourliness and compassion by always being kind and respectful to other members of the class. He is an asset to the class and it has been truly gratifying to see how he has grown as a person this term. Well done for an excellent start to Year 4 Jiawei, keep up the hard work. 

Year 5


What an amazing start to year 5 Amelie has had! It has been wonderful to watch her become more confident and enjoy taking an active part in lessons. Amelie’s increasing belief in herself has allowed her to flourish this term and I am extremely proud of the progress she has made. She is a respectful and kind member of the class, taking opportunities to help other children when she can, particularly in art and DT lessons. Amelie has a resilient attitude to her learning and perseveres when she finds something difficult. This can-do attitude, coupled with Amelie’s joy for learning, has made her a pleasure to have in the classroom this term. She is meticulous in her presentation across the curriculum and takes pride in every piece of work she produces. Congratulations to Amelie, a well-deserved recipient of this award!

Year 6


From the moment he stepped into the Year 6 classroom, through to the present day, Felix has demonstrated himself to be a calm and considerate young man, determined to give everything his best shot, with a positive mind-set and warm smile taking him on such a journey. He is very astute at seeking clarification over tasks, and openly welcomes feedback and advice to support and further his learning, allowing confidence to grow and flourish. The respect that he has for all members of the St. Luke’s community is exemplary, and he holds a firm set of moral values close to his chest. He is always ready to lend a hand and is willing to accept roles of responsibility. Thank you for being such a star Felix, you’ve got a great year ahead!