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St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

High expectations, by all, for all, reflecting the example of Jesus

Headteacher Awards

Congratulations to our Headteacher Award winners for this term.




Emelia A

Emelia attends school each day with a beaming smile and a positive, 'can do' attitude. Emelia has high expectations of herself and will persevere with tasks even if she may find them a little tricky. Her positivity and consistently high standards have meant that she has made huge amounts of progress across all areas of learning this year. Emelia takes her time over her work ensuring she is completely happy with the finished product. Not only does Emelia show grit and perseverance at school but she is a kind, gentle and empathetic girl who takes the time to listen to her friends and help them when they need it. She is popular with her peers because of her gentle and nurturing nature. Emelia is an extremely polite girl who shows respect and consideration towards her peers and their feelings. She is a true asset to our school and all of the Reception staff are proud of all Emelia has achieved this year. 

Year 1


Alfie H

Alfie is a confident member of the class who has displayed a very positive attitude towards school. He has worked hard this year to improve his work across all areas of the curriculum demonstrating great perseverance when encountering difficult challenges, particularly in problem solving in Maths. He is always very polite, treating staff and peers with the utmost respect and honesty. His ability to work well in groups and with other children is amplified by the empathy he has shown to his classmates when offering support or assistance to other members of the group. He is a kind and popular  member of St Luke’s, who always wears a smile on his face.

Year 1


Leo Y

Always working hard and trying his best, Leo is thoughtful and takes time to consider his ideas in lessons. He is always ready to try new things and enjoys sharing facts with the class. With determination, he tackles any challenges showing great perseverance. He is not easily discouraged and continues to work at something until he is pleased with what he has produced. Both in the playground and the classroom Leo is polite and thoughtful. He shows appreciation for others and is often heard saying ‘thank you’ in unexpected moments throughout the day. Showing support for his peers, Leo is caring and polite. He encourages others and shows genuine concern when someone is upset or hurt. His empathy is a lovely example to his peers.  He has been a delight to teach and a valued member of the class. ‚Äč

Year 2

Zac L

From the moment Zac joined year 2, he has been a shining example of good behaviour to all others. He regularly shows kindness to his classmates and demonstrates genuine empathy towards his friends; helping them the best he can and listening to their concerns. During the year, he has proved that even when circumstances and decisions do not go the way he expects, he remains good natured and positive with all his interactions, both with children and adults. His mature approach to his learning and wonderful attitude to school life leaves us in no doubt that he truly deserves superstar status and the Headteacher award this term. Well done Zac! 

Year 3D

Tara V-R

Tara has wowed us this term with her commendable attitude to her learning. It has been a joy to watch her grow in confidence and become more aware of just how much she can achieve when she puts her mind to it and believes in herself. Tara’s focus in class has allowed her to make significant progress since the start of the year and she is always willing to give things a go, even when unsure. Through hard work and perseverance, Tara has accomplished many great things this year and we are ever so proud of her. She is a valued member of the class and I have no doubt she will continue to demonstrate this as she continues on her journey at St. Luke’s.

Year 3FW

Jack H

Jack has demonstrated perseverance, grit, honesty and empathy this term. Over the term Jack has grown into a mature and reliable member of the classroom. He now understands that through hard work and persistence you can reach success.  Jack’s growing determination is inspirational and this attribute has always allowed him to become a well-respected member of the classroom. It has been a joy to watch Jack’s understanding of other children’s feelings develop and grow and he has formed a wide circle of friends. This Headteacher award is more than due and I hope it will help Jack understand that all his efforts and hard work have been noticed and appreciated by those around him. 

Year 4

Daisy W

Daisy has been an absolute pleasure to have in the class this year. She is consistently engaged with what the teacher is saying and an excellent role model to the rest of the class. She is always willing to help her teacher and peers, displaying empathy daily. Daisy has shown perseverance this year which has consequently resulted in a significant amount of progress across the curriculum. Daisy is a little ray of sunshine, bringing positivity and happiness wherever she goes. It has been a momentous year for her both in and out of school. I could not think of anyone who deserves this more.

Year 5

Ione G

Ione has had a fantastic year in Year 5. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach her, and to observe her development and growth as an individual. Her quiet sense of determination and ability to focus on a goal have been a real feature in the classroom this year, as has the empathy that she has shown towards her peers. Ione has a strong moral compass and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right. Over the course of the year, Ione has frequently had the courage to champion her own or others' opinions, even when it has not been popular or the easiest path to choose. When doing this, she has always articulated her views in a thoughtful and constructive fashion and she has been a role model for calm self belief. Well done Ione on a fantastic year. 

Year 6

Nellie M

Without a doubt, Nellie is a young lady with an unbreakable spirit and unwavering desire to show the very best of herself, welcoming guidance and intervention as a means of supporting her understanding of concepts. Even though tasks may not always be easily accessible, Nellie is never known to give up or say that she cannot do something. Quite the opposite, in fact. As well as demonstrating wonderful perseverance, she displays such love for her school and everyone in it, always sharing a smile or offering a kind word to those she encounters, be it staff, peers or other year groups. This amiable nature and sense of empathy is often reflected within the classroom, where Nellie puts the needs of others before herself. Her future school is so lucky to have such a gentle, warm-hearted girl joining them in September, for many can learn from her positive outlook on life and how you can see the good in others.