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St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

High expectations, by all, for all, reflecting the example of Jesus

Year 1

Below is our most recent blog from Year 1.  This includes a summary of the two weeks including any important information for the coming weeks (reminders etc).  These will be updated every other Friday.

Click here for the topic flow chart for the summer term. 

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Friday 20 July 

The Summer term has been a busy and productive one in Year 1.  Our trip to Thames Young Mariners was both exciting and educational. We learnt so much about working as a team.  We found the tasks challenging but we learnt that using our words to explain our feelings or ideas to our team mates meant we could progress much more quickly than trying to do things on our own. 

At Wisley we thoroughly enjoyed looking at the differences between plants from different parts of the world.  Wisley Bear enjoyed going around the glass house with us and spotting the plant’s adaptations. 

Doing art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy will remain with us for a long time as it is so easy to create wonderful art using the lovely bits of nature around us every day. 

Sports day was so much fun. We tackled all the activities with enthusiasm and we impressed our teachers with our resilience when we didn’t come in first.  It was a wonderful celebration of our talents outside of the classroom. 

During our topic ‘Around the world in 7 weeks’ we had some super visitors to our class. We had people talk to us who have been to or lived in Chile, Australia, Spain, Canada and South Africa.  What a rich term we have had.

Friday 6 July 

Year 1 had the most incredible outing to Wisley Gardens last week.  We learnt how to take a cutting from a plant and planted our own. We hope to see the cuttings growing well as we have them near a window for light and we are watering them when the soil is dry. 

During our visit we also visited the glasshouse and looked at the differences between plants that grow in tropical areas and those that grow in desert areas.  We saw how the plants adapted to their environments.  We had a lovely picnic with our friends and then a play in the children’s area.  We did lots of swinging and jumping and balancing.  After lunch we went into the forest area and collected natural things we found on the grass and under the trees.  We copied environmentalist and artist Andy Goldsworthy and produced some fabulous art. 

Back in class we have been thinking about adjectives and suffixes and formed some super sentences to describe our own superheroes.  In science the sun has really helped us to understand that the earth is always moving and we did a shadow investigation to prove this. We can’t believe we are into the last few weeks of Year 1 and are getting very excited about our summer holidays and our adventure into Year 2.

Friday 22 June 

It’s all been a mystery! The mystery of the egg. Who made the nest? What is in the egg? What an exciting week we have had trying to think about how the egg got into the nest and what laid the egg. We will hopefully find the answers this week. 

We have had another mystery in our class in that Sunny, our class meerkat, went missing and left only his coat behind.  The good news is that he was only off visiting Spain.  He sent us a letter to tell us where he was and some photos of his travels. 

We have been working very hard at learning our alternate sounds this week. Is it ay, ai, eigh or a-e? Do ask us, we are getting very good at using our phonic knowledge to spell unfamiliar words. 

In science we have been looking at caring for our planet. We talked about recycling and made lovely artwork from recycled items. On Wednesday we are going to Wisley Gardens and hope to extend our knowledge of plants even further. We are now looking at the leaves of trees to see if we think they are evergreen or deciduous.  Quite a tricky task.

In PE we have done lots of running, jumping and throwing in preparation for our sports day on Thursday next week. Busy, busy!

Friday 8 June 

Before the half term holiday we visited Thames Young Mariners for some outdoor education. We had great fun in the forest exploring different trees, we saw a beautiful maple tree, and learning how to light a fire. We learnt how to find suitable sticks for the fire and how to use cotton wool and a spark to get the fire going.  We talked about the fire ring and being safe. 

After our snack we had a go at some team tasks. Goodness, it was tough to get the seesaw ramp to be level. We had to move people around to balance the ramp and that was extremely tricky. The good news is that after quite some time we did manage to work together and the ramp was straight and evenly balanced. 

After that we tried to sort ourselves into a boy girl order while staying on the log. Many of us toppled off onto the soft grass. It was fun but we again learnt how important it is to use our words to tell our team mates what we need them to do to complete the task.

After our yummy packed lunches we had a turn on the obstacle courses.  We again had to help our friends to get across the bridges and over the gaps. We had the most marvellous day and are crossing our fingers that we can go again in Year 2.

Friday 18 May 

We are very proud of our fantastic Weather assembly that we did last week.

‘I really liked doing our wellie boot dance because it was fun,’ said Thomas.

‘For our assembly I did the planting demonstration to show everyone in the school how to plant seeds,’ said Zac.

If you look at our photo of the plants growing in our classroom, you will realise just how good we are at growing plants. The plants are so tall. A record for a Year 1 class! Other comments this week are:

‘We have been learning about bees and we learnt a poem’, said Jemima. The poem helps us remember how important bees are to plants.

‘In maths I have really enjoyed learning how to group things to count in 2’s,’ said Mia.

‘I enjoyed learning about the artist, JMW Turner and we looked at his painting of the oak tree and I tried to copy it,’ said Jack.

Turner’s art is quite tricky because he focuses so much on the effect of light on the subjects in his paintings.

‘I have really liked making my own sound booklet every Friday to help me remember my phonics,’ said Holly.

We are looking forward to our trip to Thames Young Mariners, next Friday, and all the activities we will do there. We are also looking forward to learning more about the plants in the forest area.

We have had a very productive half term and will thoroughly enjoy our half term break when we can recharge ready to ‘travel around the world in 7 weeks’.

Friday 4 May

What an exciting week in Year 1. We are enjoying our assembly rehearsals and are amazed at how much we have learnt. We can’t wait to share our new knowledge with everyone next week. Our favourite part of the assembly script is when we have to do our gumboot dance. We will wow you with our rhythm and knowledge of the origins of the dance.

In Maths we have continued to work on our division skills. We are very aware of fair and unfair sharing and have solved some tricky problems.

In English we have explored different forms for writing and done so well in writing recipes, thank you cards and labels. We are nearly ready for careers in publishing!

Our Science lessons continue to be practical and engaging as we wait with bated breath to see if our seeds will germinate. Let’s hope we have watered them just the right amount.

Friday 20 April 

The weather has certainly made the week feel like the start of the summer term. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to go outside and start our study on plants and growing.  We are enjoying our role play area and pretending to be in a garden centre. We can ‘buy’ pots and seeds and lovely gardening magazines. We will be investigating how plants grow and what they need to flourish.  We will even be trying to learn the names of some common plants and trees.

We have been thinking about the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood, looking at the story from the wolf’s point of view. He would like to have us think he wasn’t a baddie after all.  We will see if he can change our minds by the end of the unit.

We have looked at some very tricky sounds and for clues of how to spell the long ‘e’ and long ‘o’ sounds; such as in beach, leek, toe and low.  We continue to improve our phonic knowledge and are also thinking back to phase 3 sounds again to double check we have them all ‘in our heads and under our belts’.

In Maths we have been arranging objects and counting them in groups of 2, 5 and 10 to help us solve some tricky questions.

We anticipate a very exciting half term.

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