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St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

High expectations, by all, for all, reflecting the example of Jesus

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Below is our most recent blog from Year 2.  This includes a summary of the last two weeks including any important information for the coming weeks (reminders etc).  These will be updated every other Friday.

Click here for additional curriculum support for the autumn term.

Friday 29th September 2023

This week in Year 2 we have been learning about lifecycles of animals including humans and what they need to grow and survive. We spoke about what we as humans want versus what we need. We ultimately agreed that sweet treats were a want more so than a need! We drew what humans needed to survive and wrote sentences below to explain why.

In maths we have been finalising our understanding of place value by doing and amount (10 or 1) more/less of a number.  We understand that depending on what number you pick -the value in the tens and ones can both change!

In PE we have started learning how to move a ball in a variety of ways. We began by checking our vocab knowledge of dribbling, control balancing and bouncing. We then experimented how we could do this with different equipment.

In ICT we made internet safety posters- we talked about how we can use kiddle (google for children) to make sure what we see online is appropriate.

In English we finished off our persuasive writing. We performed these as speeches to convince Miss O’Dea that the Big Bad Wolf was not guilty. We focused on what words we would read with expression to emphasis specific points!

  • DSCF5316[1]

  • DSCF5317[1]

  • DSCF5318[1]

  • DSCF5221

  • DSCF5219