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St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

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We are committed to educating our young people to be safe internet users and in supporting parents with this very important skill at home. The best way to protect children online is to understand the internet and understand what the risks are. There is a lot of information available to parents regarding e-safety available on the Internet. Below there is a selection of links to information which may help you to increase your knowledge and understanding of keeping your children safe online.  You can also download the school e-safety policy and relevant documents for more information.

Support for children

The children receive e-safety guidance through their weekly Computing lessons, PSHE and during assemblies. They can also discuss any queries and concerns with their classteacher or the E-Safety Co-ordinator.

The children are encouraged to speak with their teacher immediately if they encounter any material that makes them feel uncomfortable. If there is an incident in which a child is exposed to inappropriate material the school will respond to the situation quickly and on a number of levels which are outlined in the e-safety policy.

General Advice

School Policy

Click here to view our E-Safety policy and here for the attachments.

E-Safety Information Evening 

Following our successful and valuable E-Safety Evening presented by Peter Cowley, ICT and E-Safety Adviser for Kingston and Richmond Boroughs below is a copy of his presentation and associated handouts. 

To view the E-Safety Presentation slides please click here.

Additional Resources: