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St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

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Year 4

Below is our most recent blog from Year 4  This includes a summary of the two weeks including any important information for the coming weeks (reminders etc).  These will be updated every other Friday.

Click here for the topic flow chart for the summer term. 

Friday 15 June 

Year 4 have returned refreshed and ready for the final half term. Preparations continue for the production and the class are thinking about costume ideas. The dance is coming along well and the children are beginning to really perform as if they are on stage.

On Monday, some of the class participated in a Running Festival at St Agatha’s School along with some of the year 3 pupils. The children all did fantastically well, especially in the heat. The Year 4 boys managed to come first and second!

The class are finishing off their explanation texts which explains to the reader how the mummification process worked in Ancient Egyptian time. Some of the steps were very gory! They are also looking at examples of Egyptian thrones and planning their own designs for a DT day at the beginning of July, where they will need to saw and assemble wood to form a chair and then decorate it.

The children are looking forward to the Summer Fair, where several of them will be dancing around the maypole. Also, the whole class will be performing a drumming piece. 

Friday 25 May 

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Year 4. On Monday the children took a trip to Haslemere Educational Museum to take part in an Ancient Egypt workshop about the afterlife. The class learned about the process of mummifying and what happened to each of the organs during the mummifying process. One of many facts they learned was that the Ancient Egyptians believed that you thought with your heart, so thinking that the brain was unimportant, they would preserve the other organs in Canopic jars and feed the brain to the cats! The children got to mummify their own toys, look at real Egyptian artefacts and see a real life mummy from around 5000 years ago. The class are planning to write an explanation text about the process of mummification and the afterlife.

The children raised a whopping £103 for the Marine Conservation Society by selling their handmade ‘Eco-Bracelets’ made from recycled plastic bags. They sold out in about 7 minutes! A great effort for a very good cause. Well done Year 4 and thank you to all who donated.

Friday 11 May 

Year 4 have really been enjoying the appearance of the sunshine, and the children are super busy preparing for their charity bracelet sale. Some of the children have visited key stage 2 classes to explain why they are setting up the sale. They have been persuading the other children to recycle their plastic packaging at home and explaining the effects it has on the planet. They have been working hard making bracelets out of recycled plastic bags and they will go on sale for 50p each to raise money for the Marine Conservation Society. The children are also looking forward to showing off their portfolios.

Year 4 have also been learning how to dance around a maypole for the annual May Merrie. Each child has to hold either a green, red, yellow or blue ribbon and learn the pattern in which they dance around the pole. They have to know who to go ‘over’ and ‘under’ and which direction to skip in. It all turned out to be trickier than it looked, however the plait the children produced around the pole was beautiful.

Friday 27 April

Year 4 can’t believe it is the summer term already. The children are completing the last finishing touches of their ‘Plastic Pollution Portfolios’ and are preparing to set up a stall selling some of the products they have made out of recycled plastic bags. The money will be donated to a charity ‘Beach clean-up’. Look out for posters advertising the sale next week.

Year 4 have started their new topic of Ancient Egypt, which they are very excited about. The children demonstrated their prior knowledge which was very impressive. They now look forward to learning about life in Egypt, Pharaohs and the after-life.

In PE, the class have started learning how to play rounders. There seem to be a few very talented players who can really hit a ball well! The children are also starting to learn different athletic skills. Last week they made their first annual attempt at high jump and this week they did some sprinting.

The learning of the production songs is well underway and the class are beginning to think about their piece in the production. Watch this space!

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    running festival
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    eco bracelet sale queue
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    mummifying toys
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    eco bracelet stall
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    may merrie
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    plastic bracelet making
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    talks on plastic to year 6
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    unsuccessful circuit
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    light bulb group
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    circuits 2
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    rainforest workshop
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    digestive kaya and sophie
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    bee hive
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    chistmas meal smiles
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    annie egg
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    children fractions ordering
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    year 4 disco
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    fractions olly lilabella milly shaila capree
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    end of assembly
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    dancing assembly
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    lois advent bag
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    hoop beginning
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    maths otto annie shaila
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    ella's article
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    kumaran's article
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    sound telephone
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    naveera sitting like Buddha
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    stefan peach
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